• Formal education

    Increase enrolment and retention of school going population (aged between 5-18 years) with emphasis on gender equity and inclusiveness; while address socio-cultural barriers that hinder the enrolment of girls and children with special needs through community mobilization and sensitization, and by combating violence in the school place. Facilitate the integration

  • Primary health care program

    Improve availability of and access to health care services for IDPs and host communities, with a special focus on vulnerable groups such as women and children, through mobile clinics or strengthening of existing services, as well as through the promotion of health-seeking behavior. Improve quality of health care and treatment,

  • Art village projects-Mud house

    The arts village is designed as a learning center to provide stable places for creative people from the region and other countries to live, work, learn and create. The construction of an arts village site draws on asset-based approach to rural community development by bringing together participants from different places

  • Protection and advocacy program

    Effective advocacy with relevant stakeholders and parties to conflict to promote adherence to IHL and human rights law, with emphasis on humanitarian concerns. Institutional capacity building of Government and civil society entities at all levels for effective prevention of and response to protection challenges, with a particular focus on the

  • Youth capacity development programs

    EFD stimulate community development and transformation, by offering the youth in the target area access to vital information and other basic educational activities that will raise their awareness about urgent development issues; and strengthen their participation and decision-making within the society on matters affecting their own lives. Establishment of centres

  • Micro-enterprise development program

    Develop gender sensitivity vis-à-vis participation of women in Micro Enterprise Development. Examine the processes of Gender inequality and their dis-functionality affecting the participation of women in micro enterprises. Understand the processes of promoting MED through active participation of women. Acquire skills of identification of potential women entrepreneurs and learn designing

  • Cross cutting issues

    Peace building and Reconciliation Gender, killing of Albinism HIV/AIDS, FGM ANDGBV

  • Nutrition program

    The overall objectives is to lower the incidence of malnutrition, avert excess mortality due to malnutrition and promote better nutritional status among populations in the affected areas. Initiate and facilitate intensive SFPs, including community-based nutrition actions, to the access of nutritionally vulnerable populations to emergency nutrition response. Promote appropriate infant

  • Agriculture and livelihoods program

    Protect and improve household food security, including asset base, through increasing access and availability to food and means of production.

  • Income Generation

    Income Generation EFD aims at consolidating the rural society in its complicity to constantly play an active role for its betterment in changing overall socio-economic environment. EFD facilitates the formation and establishment of Income Generating groups and Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Also trains group leaders and other members and facilitates