Education and Training on Health

Education and Training on Health (hygiene), Sanitation in relation to the supply of reliable, clean and safe water to community owned resources.

EFD aims at trains community members and volunteers in the basic hygiene messages and assists them in working plans for health education in the community.

The volunteers will conduct educational sessions with women groups, make home visits, organize hygiene-related community action (e.g. cleaning around water points) and demonstrate through their own day-to-day behavior on the new hygienic practices. Working as a team gives the volunteers the confidence and credibility needed to call community meetings, organize community action, and make household visits. They use participatory techniques emphasizing learning through doing, discussions, peer group interactions, demonstration and visual reinforcement.

Community are encouraged to identify and analyze health problems and look for their own solutions and ways to meet these goals. Training materials, principally flipchart, booklets and picture stories will be provided by EFD.