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We believe in equity and justice


We believe in honesty and transparency

Our Mission :

To enable the community to be able to manage the environmental sustainability.


Our Vision: 

Promoting environmental improvement and practical conservation in the community.


Dr. Maria Panta

Dr. Maria Panta

Board Member & Senior Advisor
Dr. Maria Panta' Biography
Maria Panta completed her PhD research degree titled, ‘Approaches to the resilience and the potential for adaptation through community-driven construction projects in the global South’, at Canterbury School of Architecture in 2018 (awarded funding for 3.5 years by the University for the Creative Arts, UK). She undertook her primary research in rural Ghana as a community architect and participant in the Earth Architecture construction workshop through Nka Foundation, a local community driven organization. Maria is currently leading the one-year bi-communal cooperation project titled, ‘Bricks of Resilience’, after winning the Stelios Bi-communal Cyprus Award by the Stelios Philanthropic Foundation. The project focuses on: resilience and the empowerment of local communities through the making and use of adobe brick as a building material, and promoting the local craft of earth building techniques as a core element of sustainable rural communities in Cyprus. Maria is the online editor for The Architects’ Project (TAP), an autonomous initiative involved in the education and practice of architecture operating from Accra & Kumasi in Ghana, and the UK with a global agenda. In 2011 she joined Reset Development, a London-based charity, on a two-year research based project titled the ‘Affordable Low-Carbon and Cyclone resilient Housing in South West Bangladesh’, funded by the Department for International Development (DfID-UK). She became an associate of Women’s Design Service (WDS) in 2010 and got involved in community-led design projects using participatory consultations, in order to influence planning in two London boroughs, as well as a Lottery-funded project aimed at improving public toilet provision in greater London area. She undertook her RIBA Part II in Architecture at London South Bank University with the research-based thesis titled ‘Seven City Farms in London’, discussing sustainability and community based adaptation in London.


E-mail: maria.pantas@efd.or.tz
Jesca J. Tembo

Jesca J. Tembo

Managing Director
Jesca Tembo' Biography
Jesca Tembo is the Managing Director for Environmental Foundation for Development-EFD. She holds Postgraduate Diploma in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Planning Management and Community Development from University of Dar es Salaam. She is dedicated and driven Managing Director with 2 years career experience youth advocacy programs in poverty stricken and violent areas. Jesca is highly adept in strategic program planning organizing and implementing as well exhibits exceptional problem-solving and communication skills.

She has extensive experience working for Research Officer Position, she has been participating in country’s baseline survey campaigns aims to identifies barriers of concern hindering youth to participate in National congress and policy design, formulation and implementation.

Jesca have been an assert for youth development and transformation through organizing live demonstrations, seminars, short courses, interactive sessions, etc., in schools, colleges, private institutions, and universities with the included prominent; peer pressure, addiction, learning disorders, teenage pregnancy, violence, misconduct, and many such other issues.


E-mail: jesca.joseph@efd.or.tz
Mr. Nuru Maulambo

Mr. Nuru Maulambo

Finance & Administration Manager
Mr. Nuru Maulambo' Biography
Nuru Maulambo is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) candidate and holds a bachelor degree in Accountancy obtained from the Institute of Finance Management located in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania East Africa. He’s a Finance Officer for Environmental Foundation for Development -EFD. Nuru has an unparalleled passion for supporting organization to enhance effective statutory compliance in all issues falling under the financial umbrella to safeguard intensive recording, documenting and reporting of financial transactions basing on accounting principles, rules and procedures, to continuously improve the mission for young empowerment and advocacy programs.

He has a working experience as a volunteered accountant with NGO’s such as Ubongo, with projects namely: ‘’Ubongo Kids’’ and ‘’Akili and Me’’ that creates an interactive edutainment for kids through creation of edu-cartoons that enables kids to love learning.

Throughout the three different working organizations, Nuru has been working in finance department for about four years and equitably grasps full knowledge and experience in accountancy profession which enable him to have total control of all accounts and financial matters.

E-mail: maulambo.nuru@efd.or.tz
Ms Rufina Mallya

Ms Rufina Mallya

Public Relation & Research Officer
Ms Rufina Mallya' Biography
Rufina Mallya is a Public Relation and Research officer at Environmental foundation for development (EFD). She pursued a bachelor degree of science in Social Protection at The Institute of Finance Management (IFM).

She has a unique experience working with international organisations in vulnerable communities such as Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in Mtwara through EEVT project as an ICS volunteer and other organisations such as KWIECO. Thereby she is good in working cross cultural, in teams, conducting facilitations, dealing with peer to peer education and conducting events and raising awareness on Global Goals.

Rufina is an SDG champion, with a strong feeling to fight and end poverty, Hunger, bad health and wellbeing, Gender inequality, and bring about quality education. She is ready to engage herself in any movement that fights to make sure the 17 Global Goals are implemented. Also as a woman, she is so passionate in achieving women rights implementation.

As a Social Protection expert, protecting the society from   different contingencies and working with resilient communities, is part and parcel of her career, and she is so happy to see that she makes changes and differences in people’s life. And that is what she can do best.

E-mail: rufina.mallya@efd.or.tz
Mr. Magoti Faustine

Mr. Magoti Faustine

Project Director
Mr. Magoti Faustine' Biography
Magoti Faustine is a Master’s Degree candidate in Environmental Technology & Management at Ardhi University and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering. He’s a Project Director for Environmental Foundation for Development-EFD. Magoti has an unrivalled passion for supporting organisation to continuously improve the mission for young empowerment and advocacy programs through design thinking approaches and other strategic interventions. The field of project management in integration to environment brought him to the international competition with his venture where nominated by Youth Citizen Entrepreneurship Competition to enter the top 10 best projects of the year 2016/2017 out of about 950 projects worldwide.

He is working as Country Project Coordinator for Nka Foundation to coordinate and mobilize foreigners’ volunteers and organize design thinking workshops for designers’, interior designs, landscape and architecture students.

Mr. Magoti Faustine is also a Global Ambassador, Open Knowledge Advocate/Educator at ROI Africa. He’s advocating youth on the e-learning specifically open education, open access, and open data.


E-mail: magoti.faustine@efd.or.tz
Ms Pelagia Nyanda

Ms Pelagia Nyanda

Social Affair Officer
Ms Pelagia Nyanda' Biography
Ms. Nyanda Pelagia is a Social Affair Officer for Environmental Foundation for Development – EFD and she holds a BA in Community and Development Studies from Ardhi University. She is passionate in becoming a community expert and an advocate for youth especially girls, women and children. During her education background and experience, she awarded there different certificates of which, one is for the best academic achievement, and the best advocate for the preservation of the environmental hygiene.

She have been active member of ILO and EduGuide to facilitate and engaging in self-awareness and entrepreneurship sensitization training under the ILO-SIYB program. With ILO, she demonstrated high degree of self-discipline, trustworthiness and commitment to bring about positive changes. Furthermore, Ms. Nyanda pelagia have been active in organizing and mobilizing workshops to enhancing personal branding, networking, opportunities and approaches to colleges and universities students.

E-mail: pelagia.nyanda@efd.or.tz
Aneth .J. Massawe

Aneth .J. Massawe

Volunteer Coordinator
Aneth .J. Massawe' Biography
Aneth Massawe is a Volunteer Coordinator for Environmental Foundation for Development-EFD. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Regional and Urban planning from Dar es Salaam. During her school life she has been awarded a couple of certificates, in 2015 she was awarded certificate for leadership as a member of parliament.

Aneth’s family background and personal experiences have molded her passion and commitment to serve the community especially children and students. It is through life difficulties encountered that has influenced strong and positive attitude to help others. As a person for others, she managed to affirmatively assist vast majority starting from close friends, neighbors and surrounding society at large.

Aneth took volunteering opportunities under Tafes Ardhi at Tabora in Kazaroho village as motivational speaker and a teacher to children and students. Also, for two years she has been a member at Community Youth for the Needy-CYN were they engaged on charity activities. Aneth has abilities to work with honesty and with people from different backgrounds and personalities, easy to learn and flexible to cope with all kind of environment. And a good time manager.

Sigawa E. Mgituti

Sigawa E. Mgituti

MD Chief health & Medical Officer
Sigawa E. Mgituti' Biography
Sigawa E. Mgituti is a Chief health & Medical Officer for Environmental Foundation for Development-EFD. He holds Bachelor of Science in Medicine from Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science (MUHAS). Sigawa’s vision is to create a high performing health department that works collaboratively with community partners to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Dr. Sigawa focused his attention on chronic stress and isolation as prevalent problems that have profound implications for health, productivity, and happiness. Partnering with the community, he led a convening that brought together leading thinkers, researchers, and practitioners to identify scientifically proven ways we can cultivate emotional well-being and fitness to help us thrive among the most challenging circumstances. Additional, Dr Sigawa have been participating to National congress on sexual reproductive health and rights for marginalized and vulnerable groups to formulate the guiding frameworks to address the SRHR challenges. Health Resources

Prior to joining EFD, Dr. Sigawa was Medical Officer at the Muhimbili National Hospital (MNH) for improving access to health care services for people who are uninsured, isolated, or medically vulnerable.  While at MNH, he served on and led numerous national initiatives related to prevention, quality, and public health.

Kamokene  Sanke

Kamokene Sanke

Senior Project Engineer
Kamokene Sanke' Biography
Eng. Kamokene Sanke is a Senior Project Engineer for Environmental Foundation for Development-EFD. He possess Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. In his role as Senior Project Engineer at EFD, Eng. Kamokene fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures that strategy is clearly defined while overseeing performance and maintaining morale. His strong communication and client service skills enhance EFD’ process-driven management philosophy. His role with EFD, focus on the designing, planning, constructing, and management of infrastructures developed by EFD to ensure are sustainably utilized and managed.

Eng Kamokene has over 3 years of experience in the construction industry with extensive Institutional and Healthcare project portfolios as well as experience managing large, complex multi-use development projects.  He began her career as an Assistant Project Engineer and evolved into positions including Site Engineer for Zisa Jen International.



Through strategic partnerships with sponsors, other non-profit organizations, leading to work with similar organization and exchange information for the establishment and implementation of baseline survey to obtain the benchmark details for monitoring and evaluation.

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